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What You Need To Know About Hiring a Debt Collection Agency

Debt Collection agencies are essential to producing a successful business when needing to recover past due accounts. More importantly, when hiring a debt collection agency client relations within the said company can make or break a successful A/R outcome. CollectionCenter, Inc has over 95 years of A/R solutions experience. Our dedicated Client Service staff bridges the clinical outcome with the financial outcome resulting in unsurpassed recoveries and consumer satisfaction. Allowing businesses to increase their bottom line without the hassle and headache of chasing past due accounts, encourages focus and success in all other areas of your company.

At CollectionCenter Inc., we consider customer service (defined as the quality of our interactions with both consumers and clients) to be one of our highest priorities.  We are very proud of our commitment to this process and our history of performance measured against a very high standard.

CollectionCenter Inc. has long recognized that our clients are primarily concerned about 2 outcomes:
1) A patient-friendly approach, which results in the fewest possible complaints.
2) Highest recovery of their past due receivables.


As a leading debt collection company, we recognize that our clients are our lifeblood and it is our goal to ensure client satisfaction.  Our client services team has received special training in order to fully understand and be able to explain all of our services, systems, and capabilities. We educate everyone that it takes months to acquire a valuable client and only minutes to lose one. Several hours of the training process are devoted to learning about our clients, what they do, the valuable service which they perform for the community, and how vital it is for all of us to protect their good public image.  Each client is assigned an appropriate client services representative that is dedicated to satisfying and complying to that client’s needs. Call today and experience a five star approach to increasing your business revenue, 1-877-661-4990, or visit us at

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