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You Can Trust Our Team To Do Your Medical Accounts Receivable

Properly managing medical accounts receivable is vital to the financial success of any  medical practice. CollectionCenter, Inc. specializes in collecting past-due bills without ruining the good reputation built up within the community and with  patients. Outsourcing the collection process to a third-party company can free up an office staff to focus on other tasks, and provide a higher level of quality patient care within the practice.

CollectionCenter Inc. has extensive experience in the healthcare industry. 88.7% of CollectionCenter, Inc’s account inventory is medical collections.  We currently provide collection services to 35 hospital partners.
At CollectionCenter Inc, we consider customer service (defined as the quality of our interactions with both consumers and clients) to be one of our highest priorities.  We are very proud of our commitment to this process and our history of performance measured against a very high standard.  We place primary emphasis on customer service.

We are very proud to hold current certification as a PPMS (Professional Practices Management Systems) agency through ACA International, The Association of Credit and Collection Professionals. This is the collection industry equivalent to JCAHO (Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations).  We are one of less than 100 agencies in the world that has been so certified.



If you’re considering partnering with someone to pursue past due medical accounts receivables, consider CollectionCenter, Inc. Our mission: To recover a maximum number of dollars for our clients, respect the patient’s rights and dignity, and maintain our client’s good public image. We have been in business in Wyoming since 1919 – which makes us one of the longest established agencies in the entire Rocky Mountain region.  One of our best guarantees of ongoing service and complete fiduciary responsibility is this 94-year history of steady growth under the same family ownership.

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