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Medicare Claim Appeals Settlement Offered

Medicare Claim Appeals Settlement Offered Sept. 3—In the face of an increasingly strained Medicare c...

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What You Need To Know About Hiring a Debt Collection Agency

Debt Collection agencies are essential to producing a successful business when needing to recover pa...

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You Can Trust Our Team To Do Your Medical Accounts Receivable

Properly managing medical accounts receivable is vital to the financial success of any  medical prac...

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Wyoming’s CollectionCenter is PPMS Certified

The Association of Credit and Collection Professionals (ACA) provides a certification in Professiona...

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Reliable Medical Bill Collection available

We’re eager, able and willing to help you out here at Collection Center Inc. We offer and exte...

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Enter here for Debt Collection

In need of Debt Collection services? Well, look no further than us here at Collection Center Inc. We...

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Collection Center that does things right

If nothing more, we are an honest Collection Center. That’s just what we are about here at Col...

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We provide Medical Bill Collection services

Consider us your go-to place for Medical Bill Collection services. We’re of course Collection...

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Debt Collection done easy and convenient

We are not about inconveniencing you. No, at Collection Center Inc., we provide Debt Collection serv...

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Debt Collection that you can rely on

Consider us your go-to source for Debt Collection. We definitely take all of our services seriously...

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