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Bad-Debt Recovery

CollectionCenter, Inc. has developed a comprehensive system designed to take the stress out of the collection process for both the client and consumer.

E-Z Payment Plan, Inc. and Healthcare Payment Systems

CollectionCenter, Inc will manage and maintain payment arrangements on your behalf, freeing up time and resources for you to focus on other areas.

Accelerated A/R

CollectionCenter, Inc. staff will contact the consumer and set up payments on your behalf. Once a satisfactory payment arrangement has been set up, the account is placed into Payment Plan Management systems.

Automated Contact Service

Automated Contact Service offers both the client and the consumer opportunities to resolve an account before it is turned over to CollectionCenter, Inc. for bad-debt recovery.

Pre-Placement Analysis

CollectionCenter, Inc. gathers information needed to enable you to make the best decision on placement of accounts. This service does not place the account for collection, we do not send any notices or make any collection calls on these accounts.

Who We Are

Legacy of Compassion

At CollectionCenter, Inc., we understand that life happens. We believe in finding solutions that simultaneously assist creditors to enhance their financial performance, help consumers to understand and resolve debt, and empower all employees to thrive and grow.


CCI has proudly operated in the Rocky Mountain region for 100 years. Our mission is to recover a maximum number of dollars, while respecting the consumer’s rights and dignity and maintaining our clients’ good public image.


At CollectionCenter, Inc. we strive to build relationships with clients and consumers. We provide excellent service to each person we serve and recognize that effective communication can resolve most issues we may encounter. In addition we continually demonstrate integrity in all aspects of our work. 

What our clients are saying about us.

It means a lot to have someone willing to take the time to help me figure this out!

Christina B.

As much as we want to get bills paid, we also want to support our employees and community and will do all we can to do both as long as they are also doing their part.  I am thankful that we have a partner like you locally as you understand the challenges we have and that we are all part of the same team here.  This means a great deal to us.

Jon S.

“I would recommend them to other offices without hesitation.”

Carrie W.

Our Clients Are Like Family

At CollectionCenter, Inc. we take great pride in our client and consumer relationships. Whatever the challenge our clients may face, we work to find solutions.

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Phone: 800.864.4416

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