CollectionCenter, Inc. History

Our agency began in 1919 when Clyde C. Cox (our CEO’s grandfather) founded it. He managed a merchant-owned credit reporting agency called Carbon County Credit Rating Exchange.

In 1919 credit reporting consisted of a group of bankers and merchants lunching together. While eating lunch, they would discuss who was paying them and who was not. This group decided to adopt an idea from the east coast by storing the information using a more formal typed out narrative method. At that time, credit reports were cradle to grave and generally began: John Doe was born. They usually ended with the latest quotes from businesses with whom Mr. Doe was utilizing.

Collecting past due accounts began in the 1930s, though credit reporting provided the higher revenue stream until the 1960s.

Opal Cox (our CEO’s grandmother) and her daughter Linda (our CEO’s mother) began to work with Clyde in 1961 after he had suffered a heart attack. The company was now a private enterprise, no longer merchant-owned, called Credit Bureau of Carbon County.

Opal and Linda made upgrading their processes and procedures their priority. Their goal was to conduct business in a more modern fashion. The two implemented a strategy where two there were two types of files. One file was a card with the consumer’s name at the top, and in pencil, wrote the date they needed to work the account again. As they did the report, they added typed or hand wrote comments detailing the actions taken with that account. The second file was an envelope where they kept all pertinent documents.

Until 1963, Linda had been working part-time while substitute teaching. After a divorce and three small children to support, she decided the $354.00 per month earned from teaching was insufficient. Linda’s first job with the Credit Bureau of Carbon County was outside sales and outside collections. She was able to take her children with her from appointment to appointment or debtor residence to debtor residence. Our current CEO, Dan Russell, was one of those children.

Linda recalls it was a challenge keeping the kids entertained while driving around and would tell them stories such as Cinderella, sing songs, and learn poems together. While Linda was in an appointment, the children would color, and when she returned to the car, they picked up their story, song, or poem. Linda reports learning a lot about human nature during this time. Perhaps the most important lesson was that each debtor was a fine person, and if she showed interest in them and treated them with respect, the debtor would act the same in return.

Clyde and Opal sent Linda to an Associated Credit Bureaus Institute. It was a week-long educational management series, one week per summer, for four years to earn a Credit Bureau Management degree. During her last year there, Linda met Jerry Russell, a second-generation industry manager. It was love at first sight, and they married the following October. Jerry and his Papa introduced the Credit Bureau of Carbon County to their first computerized system.

The company operated as the TransUnion database until the early 1980’s then moved to mortgage reporting for a time before becoming a full-service collection agency. The name CollectionCenter, Inc. was added as a dba for the Credit Bureau of Carbon County in 1986.

In January 2010, Dan Russell, Linda’s son, became CEO of CollectionCenter, Inc. to allow Linda and Jerry to retire. Under Dan’s leadership, we have focused our effort on growth while understanding life happens. CCI believes in finding solutions that simultaneously assist creditors to enhance their financial performance, help the consumer to understand and resolve debt, and empower all employees to thrive and grow.

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