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    CollectionCenter, Inc. is calling me, what is this about?

    It can often be unnerving to receive a call from a collection agency. You don't know who is calling or what it's about, you're asked to verify your first and last name and you may be asked to confirm other personal information before they will tell you why they are calling.

    The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) prohibits debt collectors from sharing any of your information regarding these debts with a third party. To comply with this law an agent must verify they're speaking with the correct party before divulging any information regarding the debt or the reason for the call. Only the individual, their spouse, attorney or another specifically authorized party about the existence of debt, account balance(s) or the creditor.

    Although the confirmation process at the beginning of the call may be awkward and a bit off-putting it is a federal requirement and will be conducted every time you speak with an agent regarding your account or accounts.

    Why doesn't CollectionCenter, Inc. leave a message?

    To avoid accidentally disclosing information regarding a debt to a third party, agencies avoid leaving a voicemail stating the purpose of their call. This is a precautionary measure taken by agencies to stay in compliance of the FDCPA. If the voicemail was inadvertently heard by an unauthorized third party, it would be a violation of this law. Unless explicit authorization for leaving a message is given by the consumer, no messages will be left.

    At CollectionCenter, Inc. we want to help. We're here to assist in the resolution of any outstanding past balance(s) due.

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