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    CollectionCenter, Inc. is on my credit report, what now?

    If CollectionCenter, Inc. (or any other agency) appears on your credit report it's best to reach out to them directly to discuss the matter. Upon receiving an account from a creditor, a collection agency will typically make several attempts to contact the consumer. At CollectionCenter, Inc., while making several attempts to contact a consumer we wait 45 days or more before posting the record with one or more of the credit reporting bureaus.

    These contact attempts may include phone calls and collection notices which are sent to the consumer's residence address provided by the original creditor. If a consumer is unresponsive to these attempts, posting to the consumers credit record is often the next step taken to encourage repayment of the debt.

    An unpaid collection item can be damaging to your credit score and negatively impact your ability to secure credit in the future, while a paid collection item has less impact on your ability to secure future credit. If CollectionCenter, Inc. is on your credit report, please contact us immediately.

    At CollectionCenter, Inc. we want to help. We're here to assist in the resolution of any outstanding past balance(s) due.

    "We have been using CollectionCenter, Inc. for years and have always been satisfied.

    — Terry S.