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    CollectionCenter, Inc. sent me a notice, what should I do?

    If an account has gone unpaid for several weeks or months with little or no communication with a consumer, the creditor may deem the account as delinquent and engage a third-party collection agency to assist in recovery of the balance. This is not an uncommon occurrence as many businesses are specialized in the type of services or products they provide and not in the business of collecting outstanding balances.

    After receiving an account from a creditor, a debt collector will make attempts to contact the consumer which will include sending you a collection notice. When you receive a notice, you should not ignore it. Take time to review the information carefully and initiate contact with the agency. Most agencies provide a toll-free number and their address on the notice for you to contact them directly. Any questions or concerns you have regarding the account or the notice should be directed to the agency and not the original creditor.

    Several things can occur between the time in which you originally interacted with the creditor and when you are first contacted by an agency. It is important to communicate with the agency regarding your past-due account(s), even if you're unable to pay, not communicating could suggest you are trying to avoid the debt entirely and further action may be taken by the debt collector. That further action may include listing the debt with one or more of the credit reporting bureaus or pursuing legal remedies.


    Regardless the reason for the past-due account it is best to contact the collection agency and engage in a conversation as payment possibilities or alternative resolution options may result from a simple conversation.

    At CollectionCenter, Inc. we want to help. We're here to assist in the resolution of any outstanding past balance(s) due.

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